Hey! Hi! Hello there! I like you! Let’s be friends.

Sure, I love strong coffee and good wine. I love puppies, kids, campfires, sunshine, and the outdoors. And carbs. I really love carbs. Mmmm. Carbs. But it isn’t really what I’m in to that matters. That stuff won’t show up in your pictures… unless you want me to bring puppies and pancakes to our photo shoot. That can definitely be arranged.

It’s who I am and why I do this photography thing that matters most.

I’m REAL. I like asking questions. I like digging deep. I love getting to know people. I thrive on real, honest connections.

I’m CAREFREE. I’m lively. I’m silly. I’m full of laughter and life and inappropriate jokes.

I’m SENTIMENTAL. I have never described myself as a romantic – roses and intimate dinners by candlelight make me nervous and itchy. But I’m definitely sentimental and sappy and want to push pause on life and soak it all in. I can be brought to tears by stories of love, strength, courage, and beauty. I cry at weddings. And even at emotionally charged commercials.

And I’m a storyteller. And an entertainer. I always have been. Spend any time with me, and it’s likely I’ll share a few ridiculous stories to get a laugh, make you smile, or find a way for us to connect & relate. I’m not just a photographer, looking through the lens. I’ve been there. Where you are. I want to freeze time. I want someone to take pictures of my happiness so I can look back at it fondly with a sentimental tear in my eye.

So let’s do this. Let’s grab coffee (or wine! Bring your puppy!) and talk about how I can be a part of telling your story.

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