Monthly Archive: February 2016

Denver, Colorado | Photos on Wood

If you follow me on Facebook, you’ve heard me preach about the importance of printing your photos (and if you don’t follow me, you should!)  And if you’ve read my blog, you’ve definitely heard my reasons for including prints in all of my photography collections (Haven’t read it?  Click here!). Ideally, my clients will walk […]

Denver, Colorado | Newborn Twins Studio Session

  Having a newborn is hard.  Like, overwhelmingly, punch-in-the-gut, cry-till-your-eyes-swell-shut, hard.  Even though it does mean you can put your baby in a guitar case and take pictures that are ridiculously cute.  Haha.  It’s still so, very, hard.  With that said, the idea of having TWO at the same time?!?!  Whoa.  I bow down to you, […]

Denver, Colorado | Print Your Newborn Photos

  Denver newborn photographer seeks families who want to take photos AND display those photos in their homes. “Hi!  I’m due with my first baby in January and I’m wondering what your availability and newborn pricing is and also if that includes all of the digital files.” I can’t tell you how many emails I […]