Monthly Archive: October 2015

Boulder Family Photographer | Eldorado Springs, Colorado

I’m not sure if you know this, but toddlers can kind of be assholes sometimes.  Whoa, whoa… before you get all defensive and momma-bear on me, let me say, I mean that in the most adoring and loving and light-hearted way.  You’re all, “Did she just call my baby an A-hole?!?!?” and I’m like, “I […]

Colorado Wedding Photographer | 2015 Brides

I shot my final wedding of the year last weekend, and I’m feeling sentimental.  The challenge of running a small business, finding time for family, the ever-impossible quest for a work-life balance, putting pressure on myself to capture each wedding day perfectly & creatively, being there for my clients as a friend and professional, and throwing […]