Monthly Archive: March 2015

Colorado Wedding | Briarwood Inn

When I first met with Erin & Jeff to discuss their wedding photography needs, I was only a few weeks out from having a baby. I’m pretty sure I wreaked of spoiled milk and baby vomit and I’m not entirely sure I had showered. They hired me anyway. Which says something about these two. Maybe […]

Colorado Springs Wedding | Glen Eyrie Castle

When I think of Colorado weddings, I picture mountain views, rustic venues, and some aspen trees worked into the decor. But sometimes you get a bride that wants to do something different. My own wedding, for example, was in the heart of downtown Denver and featured Moscow Mules and the best polenta you’ve ever eaten. […]

Colorado Wedding Photographer | Silverthorne Pavillion

Weddings are expensive.  Everyone knows this, and most of us complain about it, especially when we are in the midst of planning our own.  Obviously, the big things cost money – like the food, the booze, the reception hall.  But even the little things add up.  Paper for place cards and programs, matching chair covers […]